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You can only get good results if you have equipment capable of producing good results. AIR, AIR, AIR. You need a compressor that will supply the correct pressure at the tip and the volume required.

It also helps to be a drunk. I painted this Z-28 a few yrs ago (twice). I got world class orange peel the 1st time and sanded it down and tried again. The 2nd try was about as good as factory but that's not saying much. If you look at cars at the light when you are sitting there (provided the sun is hitting it right), you'll see all factory jobs have a good amount of orange peel.

I sold this car and am working on a '80 vette now. I'm doing all the body work and priming/prep but I'm going to get a drunk down the street to spray it. He has a nice booth at his house. He also knows what he's doing which is mainly looking at how the paint is going on and knowing how to adjust the gun if something is not right.
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