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I don't know from Shinola about painting but a good friend of mine is an unbelievable car builder. He restored and matched the paint job on a vintage motorcycle to go in the Barbers Museum (largest Motorcycle Museum in the world) and just got through painting a 1956 Chevy resto-rod ($200K+). Just from listening to him I would give the following observations (real car painters chime in):
1) Surface preparation is more important than the finish painting. If the prep is bad the best paint will still be crap
2) Environment is just as important as finish painting. Dust, Too Hot, Too Cold, Too much Moisture.....etcetera can all screw up the paint.
3) Make sure all the components of your paint system are compatible. Preferably use all products from one manufacturer or recommended compatible products. Metal prep, Primer, Color. and Clear all chemically react to each other and while it may not matter much for a real cheap paint job you can get issues for a top tier job like hazing.
4) As you sand the coats, be patient. Make sure you have even and complete coverage (sand and spray) and with the correct grit, Too coarse and you get scratches. Too fine or bad coverage and it doesn't adhere properly.
5) Mixing the paint Is where a lot of the talent is. It is almost like a black art. Study, talent and experience is the only thing that will work here,
My buddy would tell you he could go to the local trade school and find a hand full of kids who can wave a paint gun better than he can but none of them can paint a car for anything.
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