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Originally Posted by marketic View Post
The way this is wired makes it a true “3 bank system”, correct? I have a flooded starter and a flooded house as a 2 bank system (single outboard). I have a brand new AGM I‘d like to use for my windless —-it seems like using this schematic, with the option to isolate the AGM from the starter and house, would make sense? Thanks again for the comments

Are you running an on board multi bank charger? If so, I would hook the ACR leads up to the load side of the battery switches vs the battery side. This will keep the ACR's from activating when the switches are off, and the chargers on, and allow each bank to charge property according to their specific battery profile. If not running a charger, follow as is. The other option to accomplish the same thing would be to switch your grounds going to the ACR.

This is the diagram for what I'm talking about, minus the 3'rd bank. It's an approved wiring schematic from blue seas.

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