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Originally Posted by Kendall View Post
The Seattle Times reported sources say Boeing understated how dramatically the plane's automated anti-stalling system — which has been at the center of the crash probes — would move the plane's horizontal stabilizer. It also didn't properly address how the system would reset itself after pilots tried to intervene and how such a critical system could be designed to rely on one, instead of two or more, sensors.

........Points to DESIGN being a significant factor in this investigation.

Federal investigators and prosecutors appear to be raising questions about the process that led to the certification of Boeing's 737 Max jetliners in the aftermath of two deadly crashes according to USA Today.

............That certification process necessitated Boeing implementing the MCAS which is the presumed system which caused both Lion Air and Ethiopian Air 737 MAX 8s to nosedive to ultimate crash.

"Either you should have fixed it or you shouldn't be flying it. That's where Boeing the FAA didn't do their job," said Michael Barr, an air crash expert and senior instructor for the University of Southern California's Viterbi School of Engineering.
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