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Originally Posted by Hooper View Post
My God, talk about jumping to conclusions! A few news reports and the OP has it all figured out. We have become so used to immediacy that something as complex as the crash of an airliner is being put forth as conclusive while the wreck is still burning.

Like so much in life, it's far better to wait until ALL the FACTS are known before drawing conclusions. The old-fashioned way.
Yep. It's one thing to speculate, explore and discuss the various possibilities and compare them with what is known or learned as the investigation continues. It helps us all understand the complexities and processes much better, but you can't come to conclusions until all the data is in.

Back in 1985 two 747's went down within a couple months of each other, losing all aboard but 4 passengers. At first, there was speculation that there might be something seriously "wrong" with the 747s, but as the investigations turned out real data, the demise of both planes was just a coincidence in timing. One was due to a improper repair on a bulkhead done 7 years earlier, the other was a terrorist attack. Aside from the accident determination, good things can also occur by doing a thorough investigation. In the JAL123 investigation, they also uncovered frame cracks that were unrelated to the crash, and a AD was released requiring inspections of all related aircraft. Many problems were found in other 'freighter' versions and those repairs were completed before any related incidents occurred.