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Originally Posted by jtav2002 View Post
Anyone ever have a neighbor kill a home sale. We are in the process of selling our old house after having a new house built. We accepted an offer last week. Buyer put a deposit down and decided to go check it out again. Our old next door neighbor essentially came out questioned why they were there. They explained who they were and she apparently said she didnít care who they were they needed to get out off the property or sheís calling the cops. She proceeded to tell them they werenít wanted there and she didnít want them as neighbors due to their ethnicity. Naturally they pulled their offer. Pisses me off that people in 2019 are still this ignorant. Also pisses me off because obviously itís potentially money out of my pocket.

Anyone ever have a neighbor kill a sale?
If the buyer is willing to testify, sue the neighbor for loss of sale and being a racist with their comments. The lawsuit will deter them from opening their mouths again.

Or you can shoot her dog and burn her house down.