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Originally Posted by ProppedUp View Post
Just to drop another little tid bit on you guys. Every 737 flying today has had logic built into the trim system. This is just a little add on for the Max and it's got a glitch.

Every single aircraft in the air has logic and CPUs that run various things, systems, etc.

But at the end the day as far as I am aware the 737 is the largest airliner (flying today) that has a direct mechanical connection from the pilots hands to the flight controls out on the wings and tail. I know the 737 has it for a fact not because I saw somebody talk about it on Pravda (I mean CNN), Or read about it in the New York Times but because according to various government agencies around the world including the FAA I am certified to fly one. Not a video game, not a remote control one, not something in a happy meal but a real Boeing 737.

Many on here have already stated what the real problem is. It's sad deal.

But saddle up Nancy's your about to see more of it. There is a pilot shortage here and standards aren't exactly going up.
I have flown on several foreign carriers who were allowed to fly into the EU and they were no where near the level of say Southwest, United or Lufthansa. When the flight crew is hired because of their looks (NOT a bad thing), you can bet the pilots probably are too. Look at Korean Air. Now that affirmative action and UN feel good had made it's way into killing folks, in the form of letting every 3rd world chithole's national airline fly into New York of the EU, and lowering the safety standards so every one can play now, maybe some folks will realize what is going on. Just my opinion. I ain't no pilot. Have honestly felt better flying on some old antonovs where the pilots actually could fly the darn thing. Trust me those planes had no computers.