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Originally Posted by km1125 View Post
Thanks for posting that. Will be interesting to find out if that is the real data or not.

Interesting that the AOA left and right were indicating differences even before takeoff (if I'm reading that correctly) and that the stick shaker was active nearly the whole time, aside from that little dive nearer the beginning. Is the "stick shaker left" and "stick shaker right" really the two physical sticks, or is that two different outputs to the same stick shaker system? Can/do the sticks shake independently, and if so, why?

Also interesting that they appeared to combat the initial dive with flaps, and that seemed to work great (even causing a steady climb), but didn't add any flaps later while they appeared to be fighting trim, even at the 29:23 mark where it appeared they were losing the battle.
Reading the AD that posted, I might have answered my own question. One of the bullet points was "Continuous or intermittent stick shaker on the affected side only", which leads me to believe that the stick shakers are independent. That makes we wonder, outside of some icing condition, what would make one side stall or have a different AOA if you're not in a bank or a roll?? If you're in wings-level flight, is there any reason that only one stick should shake??

I also wonder what triggered the Master Caution, both near the beginning and the quick one near the end. The first one seems to line up with the flaps being retracted, but no other indications (pitch, AOA change or stick shaker) seem to align to either. On the second short one t appears to pop up after the bottomed out from the descent.

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