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Originally Posted by triumphrick View Post
Brilliant, Captain....that tells they guy just what he needs to know.

Since Lewmar recommends nothing less than #10 gauge wire, explain why he has a 25 amp breaker...Is his total run 10 feet or less..??

I'm sure his system has operated fine for a while just looking at the age of the devices.....but i question the size of the breaker and wonder if it is the right size.
Lets follow your logic here for a minute. You think Lewmar recommends a 50 amp breaker. But, a 25 amp was used. Let me point out that OP didnt say which model lewmar windlass he has. Assuming arguendo that you are correct, why would you assume the correct wire gauge was used if the wrong breaker size was used? Op didnt say. You dont know. But you have no problem telling him to double the breaker size.

Does this seem like good advice to you? Did you advise OP to check the wire gauge or of any of the dangers of using the incorrect breaker size? No, you didnt. And if the circuit worked fine before, for awhile, why would the fault be an incorrect breaker size?

I didnt call you out specifically, but you want to attack me. I didnt give OP specific advice on diagnosing and solving the problem because I am not a marine electrician. I didnt want to give him bad advice, like you did. But when I see someone recommend something unsafe, I will advise against it.

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