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Actually smart Alex the question asked about this type of lure if it can be trolled at slower speeds for whatever they call wahoo in Hawaii . The picture I was going to post was actually this one and it was caught in Hawaii and you can see in the background . Actually a customer from this thread purchased the lure . The picture that I did post yes he trolls them at about 10 mph and caught all the wahoo . This picture is a wahoo caught the same way in Hawaii . I make the lures and they are in stores worldwide . I barely have time to even get on here and im
a sponsor . So I was trying to help the guy out . I also ha e plenty of pics of mahi being caught on these trolling them at 10 knots . One thing I do not miss about this is the computer cowboys . I was simply trying to help someone out with a question .

Caught in Hawaii on my dinnerbell at 10 knots .