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Originally Posted by Capt Grady 23 Gulfstream View Post
I don't remember ever having an automatic amount of income tax free for anyone other than poverty level workers.

How did you get $35,000 tax free BEFORE deduction taken?

Poverty level was automatic $14,000 single, 17,000 married as I remember until the new tax rebate plan.
2017 standard deduction : myself, wife, 3 kids x $4050 = $20259.
Plus Itemized = $15740: morgage interest and taxes.

The guy that works for me is not married, has 5 kids with the same woman. He claims 5 on his W-4. Baby momma works here and there part time and claims 5, no taxes taken.

Health care for a family of 7 would easily run $1200 a month = free for them. Food stamps and WIC = about $500 month according to my employee. I'm not sure if they get section 8 or not.
So the tax payers gave them about $20k in "benefits" and then stroked a bonus check for another $8k for ????. My employee is a good worker and makes around $38k a year.
Seems pretty easy to understand to me.