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Edenton Bay is also known as "Malcom's." I think Edenton Bay Trading is the "store" and Malcom's is the beer "bar" inside the store. They have a vast selection of good beer. Both 309 and Waterman's also have bars if you want to do an "Edenton Bar Hop."

You should also check out the old Roanoke River lighthouse right at the downtown waterfront. It has a very colorful history. It was in the Albemarle Sound at the mouth of the River. Decades ago, a treasure hunter/salvager/part time scoundrel named Emmett Wiggins pulled a barge up to the lighthouse, cut enough pilings out from underneath it to fit the barge underneath. He partially sunk the barge, and pushed it up under the lighthouse. He then pump the water out of the barge so it rose up under the house. He then cut the remaining pilings and towed it back to a lot he had in Edenton Bay. He lived in the lighthouse for many years. He was a real character (sued just about everybody in Chowan County, and held the lighthouse and the expensive Fresnell lense hostage for decades, among other things). When he died, his "adopted son" sold the house to the Town. The town moved it to the waterfront, put it back on pilings, and has now opened it for public tours.

This area (Chowan and Bertie Counties) is full of history. If you're a history buff, there are a million things to see and do in the area.

Another site to see is the W. E. Nixon's Welding and Hardware, which is out in the country about 10 miles North of Edenton. It's the ultimate "man" store. They have a huge welding shop, as well as a hardware store for farmers. If you need a drill bit 6 inches in diameter, they have them. It's huge, and has everything imaginable in stock. You won't regret going to check it out.

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