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Originally Posted by lps View Post
Edenton is definitely the place to stay. I don't know how long you'll be in the area but there are some things to do:

1. Downtown Edenton has some decent restaurants. The best place for a beer is probably Edenton Bay Trading Company. It's on Broad Street ("main" street). They have a courtyard in the back that's real nice. That's where the locals go for beer and fun. They sometimes have live music. Watermans and 309 Bistro are probably the best restaurants in town (also both on Broad Street).

2. If you like old historic houses, Edenton is full of them. There's also the Hope House in Windsor, which is pretty impressive.

3. The shad are running in the Cashie River (Pronounced Cash Eye). There are a couple of places in downtown Windsor where you can fish from the shore (right by the old Hwy 17 bridge where it crosses the Cashie).

4. If you're in Windsor, and like eastern NC pork barbecue, you need to try Bunn's Barbecue. It's in "downtown" Windsor, in an old gas station (across from the post office). It's top notch barbecue. I'd also highly recommend the cornbread. The other good place to eat in Windsor is the Heritage House. They have a very good buffet (it's a serious country buffet; sometimes they have rabbit, sometimes pig feet).

And that's about it . . .
Thanks for all the info LPS ... I will definitely hit up the Edenton Bay Trading Company for some beer, it's my favorite food group !! I will try to make it out to Windsor and check it out....