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OMG, every corner, everthing i touch, every part i bought, there was a surprise, the biggest came with the spacing of the engines, I learned through my wallet, and I've been in the business for close to 30 years, and have done many many re-powers, but this boat with the transom the way it is (at the time this boat was desinged for two stroke engines), and like most older boats, it was defenitly a challenge, this boat was kept in a high and dry its whole life in NY, so every hose and anything plastic I replaced, not that it was broke, but I didnt want whoever gets this boat next, it was going to be right for them, and when i bought it plans were i was going to keep it and use it this summer with my family, we were and still might cruise from east coast of Florida over to the Bahamas and stop at different places and stay, but I knew there would be nights where we would be in a remote area and not at a marina, just on the hook, and I wanted everything 100% , also so my wife couldnt bitch at me and say, why doesnt this work, but if you ever have removed a vinyl hose/plastic hose off say through-hull valve, its not as easy as one may think, many hours with the heat gun, heating up the hose to remove it, and replacing the frig well lets just say i measured my opening down below, but i get in such a hurry i forgot about the entry into the cabin, so I have to remove that teak door jam, it was actually it was kinda cool seeing how they built this boat, and whoever was the carpenter he did one heck of a job, stuff you dont see today, or stuff i dont see in my income range, but, after a whole day playing with that, i was able to cross that off my list, so the only thing i can say is good luck, have fun, and check the balance in your piggy bank, as you'll need all three of those statements to work in your favor, but on a serious, call me if you come across any issues, I'm not going to give my sercrets away for free on here!!!
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