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Originally Posted by Gary M View Post
So, you are now certain that MCAS was the cause of this accident? You are certain that the Eithiopian 737 was in the flight envelope where MCAS might activate?

Reply to above: No.

You know that it can quickly be turned OFF don't you?

Reply to above: Yes.

You know that most normally trained pilots would NEVER get into the flight envelope where this would kick in don't you?

Reply to above: No, but two pilots and their co-pilots MAY have.

You know that the OTHER pilot would say something to the flying pilot well BEFORE the plane would activate the MCAS don't you? "Hey, watch your bank angle." "Hey, watch your pitch attitude."

Reply to above: No, but makes sense if they were attentive and experienced.

Now, if some low time pilot whips the nose up and cranks in a steep turn and MCAS kicks in and both guys don't recognize what the jet is doing, there could be trouble.

Reply to above: Yes, and they should at least have a audible and visual warning that MCAS has been activated, in my opinion.

There is NO normal flight envelope that calls for the nose to be high and to be in a steep turn. Never.Now, IF the MCAS input data that will activate this is erroneous, then that will need to be fixed. But again, it can be turned OFF if the pilots have been trained properly.

Reply to above: A possibility that this happened.

Let's see what the FDR and CVR have to say, then carefully analyze the Data...........

Reply to above: Agree

Sorry my responses are embedded in your quote.

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