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Default Boeing 737 MAX is stupidly designed

Boeing 737 MAX is stupidly designed in my opinion. Although I am not a Pilot or an Aerospace Engineer, I am a frequent flyer who has spent more time flying in commercial aircraft than driving in an automobile. Therefore, like most of you, I have a vested interest in stupidly designed commercial aircraft, especially if this is the prime model of future commercial aircraft being delivered by the largest jetliner manufacturer in the world. In fact there are over 5000 orders by airline companies worldwide of this model and only 350 or 7 % have been delivered. Despite only initial orders being placed into service, there have been 2 major crashes despite good weather and both with a similar flight crash pattern soon after takeoff.

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have engines installed higher and further forward than previous 737 models. This caused an upward pitching moment. In order to pass Part 25 certification requirements, Boeing installed the MCAS, which automatically applies nose-down trim when the aircraft is in steep turns or in low-speed, flaps-retracted flight. When the angle of attack exceeds a limit that depends on airspeed and altitude, the system activates without notice to the pilot. The system is deactivated when a pilot trims the aircraft using a switch on the yoke. The system is sensitive to failure of angle-of-attack sensors mounted outside the aircraft.

MCAS is Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System is a feature on Boeing 737 MAX aircraft intended to prevent stalls in flaps-retracted, low-speed, nose-up flight. The MCAS uses airspeed and other sensor data to compute when a dangerous condition has developed and then trims the aircraft nose down.

Can you believe that this MCAS system activates without notice to the pilot? MCAS trims the aircraft nose down when activated even without notice to the pilot. Hmmm. Both of the 2 major crashes nosed down shortly after takeoff and then catastrophically crashed.

I personally would not want me or my family to fly in a Boeing 737 MAX until they correct this stupidly designed flaw which is responsible for 346 human lives lost and 2 major airline crashes in its first few months of extensive use.
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