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Originally Posted by ronp364 View Post
The courts were involved because the guy who was denied the prize on a technicality sued. It's hardly the same thing as this.

As far as the guy altering the fish to appear legal, ooh, he kept an illegal fish. What's that, a $500 fine? People keep illegal fish every day. Most alter them by cleaning and eating them before anyone sees.

The attempted fraud was discovered, he didn't get the $, move on. It's a waste of public resources and should be laughed out of court.

If someone was potentially able to defraud people of thousands of dollars by pulling out a pair of scissors and snipping at a dead hunk of food, it speaks to the stupidity of the contest and its entrants. Personally I wouldn't risk $5 on a contest where I didn't know all the other players and the whole thing depended on some level of the honor system. I doubt there has EVER been a fishing tournament anywhere that didn't have some level of cheating - and it seems everyone involved in them knows this, otherwise why would there be agreements about using lie detectors?

Fraud goes on every day and fraudulent acts can and have ruined peoples lives. Not the case here to that extreme but it's the act of fraud attempted that brought the charges. Fraud is a white collar crime per say but there are going to be victims.

When you now have the intent that this guy had to manipulate this fish that is illegal to purposely defraud others of money he is a piece of shit. Remember, he not only broke tournament rules he broke the law as well in his scheme.

"Ridiculous. It's a civil matter. What's next, go after granny down at the bingo hall for claiming she had N27 to win the basket of cheer?"

No, but granny could be the old lady that gets swindled by a fraudulent act that takes her life savings. It happens everyday to the elderly by the same piece of shit people like this guy.

I'm always amazed at what people think is acceptable as long as it doesn't effect them.
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