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Originally Posted by 20biminitwist View Post
Let them walk, nobody got hurt!

This is exactly what's wrong with this country.
Theft is Theft.

Steal from me without breaking in my truck or my home your still stealing from me and I work for my stuff whether a fishing tournament or digging a ditch. Yea, poach my property that I worked my life for to have a place to hunt. Steal my treestands, my 4 Wheeler's or anything else not nailed down. There is no such thing as a victimless crime.

Spend several grand on anything and let some one snake you out of it you might feel a little different.

As for the WMO the police were not involved but the courts were. It just didn't require the police to get them to show in civil court.

Almost forgot.

Altering a fish in Florida is a criminal misdemeanor that can bring several charges. It's not a civil crime! I hope Texas is the same!
The courts were involved because the guy who was denied the prize on a technicality sued. It's hardly the same thing as this.

As far as the guy altering the fish to appear legal, ooh, he kept an illegal fish. What's that, a $500 fine? People keep illegal fish every day. Most alter them by cleaning and eating them before anyone sees.

The attempted fraud was discovered, he didn't get the $, move on. It's a waste of public resources and should be laughed out of court.

If someone was potentially able to defraud people of thousands of dollars by pulling out a pair of scissors and snipping at a dead hunk of food, it speaks to the stupidity of the contest and its entrants. Personally I wouldn't risk $5 on a contest where I didn't know all the other players and the whole thing depended on some level of the honor system. I doubt there has EVER been a fishing tournament anywhere that didn't have some level of cheating - and it seems everyone involved in them knows this, otherwise why would there be agreements about using lie detectors?

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