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It is about a 99% chance of being rattus rattus. The palmetto squirrel the other folks have spoken of. The first thing to do is look around the house, usually up high for a hole about 1.50 - 2" in diameter and look hard. Think like a rat, it will be somewhere he can climb and stand to work. Then look for holes in the cage. Again they are usually up high, near a ledge. Plug those holes and watch to see if they get reopened.
Then you next step is to trap the SOB and kill him/her. If they are in the attic, your problems have just started.
BTW a black snake or a rat snake if way better than a cat. They will find the nest, wherever it is and eat all of the babies. Cats are iffy at best. Remember "Towser" the wonder cat killed a million rats (or whatever you believe) but he never ran out of rats to kill.
I have a 7" aluminum kick strip around the base of my screen cage and on every ledge or other place a rat could stand and eat a hole. It is the only way I could stop the bastards. My neighbors insist on feeding them (lots of fruit trees). I am not sure how many I killed but I was worried I was feeding the gators in the river.
ID tip, note the length of the tail relative to the body. Rattus Norvegicus The rat you usually see in the city has a shorter fatter tail. They are also more likely to carry diseases. As nasty as our "tree rat", "roof rat", "fruit rat" or "palmetto squirrel" is they are usually eating the same things as the squirrels and living in pretty much the same environment so they will usually have the same fleas.

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