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Originally Posted by ronp364 View Post
Were police involved when the boat was disqualified in the White Marlin Open last year? Close to $3M in prize money in that one, and an entrant was disqualified for breaking a rule and apparently lied in a polygraph about it. Hint, no they were not.

When cops have caught all the rapists and robbers, they might have time for this.

It's not a question of whether anyone is "stealing money". It's that a bunch of private citizens get together and pool their money so that according to certain rules, one of them can walk away with it. Pulling a gun on everyone else and running off with the money is certainly a crime. Claiming you won when you cut a corner, not so much.
I donít know, but what is the difference between stealing $3 million from a bank or committing fraud and stealing $3 million from a bank account or $3 million from a fishing tournament?
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