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Originally Posted by bluescholar View Post

how much was the purse? Dude is probably stealing thousands of dollars from the tournament, why shouldn’t the police be involved?
Were police involved when the boat was disqualified in the White Marlin Open last year? Close to $3M in prize money in that one, and an entrant was disqualified for breaking a rule and apparently lied in a polygraph about it. Hint, no they were not.

When cops have caught all the rapists and robbers, they might have time for this.

It's not a question of whether anyone is "stealing money". It's that a bunch of private citizens get together and pool their money so that according to certain rules, one of them can walk away with it. Pulling a gun on everyone else and running off with the money is certainly a crime. Claiming you won when you cut a corner, not so much.
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