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Default RAT on the Lanai!

Down in Cape Coral (Yacht Club area) for the month renting a house.

Sitting out last night and we saw something moving out on the other side of the pool. Went over there to investigate and it was a GD RAT! The little SOB ran back and forth along the screen so I couldn't beat him into submission with my cane. Going to call the property manager this morning to get this SOB out of here or I'm going to breakout my S&W and take care of it the old fashion way (not really).

Our Yorkie mix is with us and I think they are mousers but I'm concerned the bustard may be rabid being were almost in spring. Going to have to keep her on a leash this morning until the problem is taken care of.

If the property manager won't call someone to take care of it I will, as an upstanding THT'er, BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!
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