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Originally Posted by Jumpsummo View Post
Curious so I looked it up.

Finnish made so add how much to get it here to USA?

"The boat cut through seas well, thanks to a knife-sharp bow; but a tissue-paper-light displacement of 8,300 pounds meant that, at times, the boat was launched airborne. I was thankful Iíve never had a cavity; the hull handled the slamming more than a filling ever could."

She pounds a lot. Don't get me wrong, most CC's pound fillings like a boxing match.. It's a very nice looking boat for that price. At least the wife is dry. 8000 pounds seems way light for a boat that size with those engines to be able to survive that pounding long would amaze me.

Not claiming theyíre good boats or anything of that sort. Just looking at the boat on paper, it appears to be pretty good. Donít know anything real world in terms of ride, build quality, etc...
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