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Originally Posted by 302sport View Post
Look at the 37 Axopar. Can get out of the weather in a fully climate controlled, glass enclosed cockpit, runs over 60mph with twins, and costs around $250k out the door brand new. My buddy just ordered one and its pretty sweet.
Curious so I looked it up.

Finnish made so add how much to get it here to USA?

"The boat cut through seas well, thanks to a knife-sharp bow; but a tissue-paper-light displacement of 8,300 pounds meant that, at times, the boat was launched airborne. I was thankful Iíve never had a cavity; the hull handled the slamming more than a filling ever could."

She pounds a lot. Don't get me wrong, most CC's pound fillings like a boxing match.. It's a very nice looking boat for that price. At least the wife is dry. 8000 pounds seems way light for a boat that size with those engines to be able to survive that pounding long would amaze me.