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Originally Posted by Searosis View Post
Wow. Interesting. I make it Miami-Nassau with fuel to spare. Doing 1.1 ish. I hold 306 gallons. That 475 must have been a bit weak on holding capacity despite the bad mileage. My neighbor has a blue 475 with quad 300ís. Never asked him what the range is. I sure do love looking at it!
The 475 holds 485 gl. I had quad 300 Verados. Loaded to the gills for Bahamas and with a completely enclosed bridge my boat was heavy. Heavy I cruised at 30kts @ 70Gph. From my dock to Nassau dock is about 195 miles, or about 6.5 hour run, although we usually stop for a swim inside by Gun Cay after crossing. 70Gph x 6.5 hours= 455 gl burned, leaving only 30gl fuel best case with great seas, and usually after Chub we have to slow it down in the rougher seas. In my world having only 30 gl sloshing around is cutting it too close.