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Just made the transition from an express to a larger CC. The fishability and range were major priorities that gave the edge to the CC. The express had features that we found were not being fully used and had many more items that would break (AC, water heater, glendenning, refridgerator, etc. etc.). We are pretty much pure fisherman and the cabin feature was hardly ever used for cruising, etc. We would use the cabin for overnighters, but realized after a summer without the A/C that bean bags would be just as effective. The express did provide some great cover when if we got caught in weather, but we pick our days pretty carefully. Fully enclosed hard windshield + polycarbonate wings on the CC should provide effective enough coverage if we got caught in some foul weather.

Our thought process behind the CC was the combined added range, speed, handling abilities, and fishability all contributed to being able to maximize our time on the water. We are pretty limited to the amount of fishing time (weather/work/life), so finding a boat that could get us to the furthest fishing grounds faster and comfortably were the priorities.

To each is their own and there is no one fit for everyone. There are pros and cons for each one. Its just a matter of how you are going to use the boat and picking the one with the most features that meet you needs.