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Originally Posted by PPLEPEU View Post
Going back to the original question - why a CC versus other models?

For us, it was two-fold:
1. For me, it was the simplicity -- absolutely ZERO time spent working on shower systems, A/C systems, water heaters, generators, windshield wipers, hatch leaks, side window leaks, etc,, etc., etc. Basically everyday tasks for most boaters. I hop on our Intrepid and go fish.

2. For my wife, she disliked sitting in the back of our Express boats with limited visibility, especially at cruise speeds. All day long you look at the the salon door or the captain's ass at the helm. When we had friends on board, they would all sit in the cockpit and have only a midship and stern view. With the forward seats in our CC (and even the tip-up rear seat), there's 360 degree visibility. Much more enjoyable for our guests.

I have to admit that our boating requirements changed, though. We were cruisers for many years -- now we use the boat almost exclusively for fishing with infrequent cocktail cruise thrown in from time to time. A CC is a much better fit.
Some really good points here. Even though my 475 was only 5 years old when I bought it, I spent lots of time R&R shower sumps, air conditioners, massive house batteries that were $900 ea., leaky refrigerator seals, generator oil leaks and 100 hr services, the Glendinning Getting stuck, etc, etc. it was actually worse than maintaining my house. Plus I had full window and upholstery covers that would take me 20 minutes to put on and off. Thanks for reminding me. My wife would say, “let’s go for a sunset cruise” and I would cringe at the hour it was going to take me for covers on/off, flushing, etc for a 30 min boat ride.

My boat before the 475 was a CC and I rarely did anything to it. Jump in and go.