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Originally Posted by petealan View Post
The 475 was a gorgeous boat and I sold it after two years for almost what I paid for it. It was a major fuel hog, I was getting .6 mpg at 30 kts best cruise, which really effected range. If I tried to get from Miami to Nassau I'd be sucking fumes, always had stop at Chub. It handled like a sports car and I could easily dock alone, and none of that wimpy joystick stuff either. lol.
Wow. Interesting. I make it Miami-Nassau with fuel to spare. Doing 1.1 ish. I hold 306 gallons. That 475 must have been a bit weak on holding capacity despite the bad mileage. My neighbor has a blue 475 with quad 300ís. Never asked him what the range is. I sure do love looking at it!