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Originally Posted by Kendall View Post

for smaller boats in the rivers and inshore, I agree. Pertaining to the boat size OP is talking about I disagree. Ever look at the room behind the helm in a CC vs a WA, for example? I have more workable deck room for fishing and diving in my Dusky (old 256) that most CC 30+ feet. Not comparing Dusky to any high end CC, just pointing out that I ask myself this all the time when I watch people have to turn sideways to walk behind a leaning post on a 26-28 ft offshore CC yet they have 14 feet in front of the console with no one ever on it. Not to mention the inherent benefits of a cabin on a boat that size. To each their own and that boat $$ is way out of my range, but damned if I would spend that kind of $$ on a boat I couldn't sleep on.
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