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Originally Posted by jillybird View Post
Center consoles are most popular in the South, of course. In the northeast, while there are indeed plenty of them, our waters don't warm up at all until June and cool off starting in mid-September. A 100 mile run out to the canyons in a center console is not a joy -- and there are not a lot of days you can run out to our canyons at 40 mph +. A center console is more fishable for most species -- not necessarily for big game where you are backing down big time and those outboards are a real PIA. Also, if you're into cruising, they're not a very good choice. But most boaters in Florida are day boaters who run to the sandbar, fish, dive, or run around, and don't need sleeping accommodations or foul weather accommodations.
Totally agree, I spent my low 20's fishing the canyons up north. I spent my past 15 years fishing "the corner" , much faster in the cc. And that slow cabin boat can't out run the bahamian police when they chase after you.
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