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I think it has to do with simplistic design, performance and versatility. When you are a fisherman going out the 90 mile trips to the canyon you used to need all the comfort for the 3 hours plus run out, nowadays the big CC boats can get to the canyons in under 2 hours. The beach cruising and sand bar hopping crowd now have a boat that can accommodate 10-15 people for a day on the water, no need for a big cruiser with limited deck space. Yea there is a cabin to escape weather and sleeping accommodations on the cruiser but let's be real here, most are not buying boats for bad weather and a place to sleep. Most buy boats because they want to be outside, in the sun exposed to the elements. I would never go for a cabin boat for the 2 times a year the weather takes a turn for the worse. A CC is the perfect all around enjoyable boat for my family and I.
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