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Default Why are Center Consoles so popular?

I'm between boats. Wasn't going to buy for a while but now my adult son says, "I'll go partners with you." I've had 3 CCs until wife got tired of being caught in storms, and eating lunch in the blazing sun, then went to an Intrepid 475 which is an express style boat. I'm now looking for a 33'-40' due to son's wants (fuel economy, range, easy handling, etc.) As I read the Bimini and Abaco threads I can't help but notice guys mentioning getting caught in rain storms, taking spray in rough seas, family being on beanbags, etc. So I'm asking why the popularity of CCs, when most manufacturers make an express style for equal money that keeps the boaters nice and dry in bad conditions? Is it just the flavor of the moment or fishability or what? If I spent $600,000 on a cc and my wife was getting rained on she would surely shoot me.

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