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Default Trailering a New Boat

Just bought a new boat a 2018 MAKO 15 CC Skiff. Had it in the water for the first time yesterday, This is my 3rd boat...Okay, everything went great, easy launch, no leaks, controllability superb, rock solid and stable in choppy waters, etc...Passed the sea test...

Putting in on the trailer was quite another issue. I put the trailer in as far as I thought would be necessary (the same as I did when I launched it) to drive the boat on. I was by myself with my wife, who has never been around a privately owned boat in her life...

So I got the boat on the trailer perfectly in the center, then go to the front of the boat to winch it in, only to find the bow way 'below' the trailer roller, huh, is what I thought. How could this be...? 6-8 inches below the winch roller and handle. Looked like the boat was sitting snugly on the padded rails of the trailer. I really don't know if the trailer was too far in or too far out of the water. But anyway, I back it in deeper so I could move the bow where it need to be then winched it in...Seemed to me this trailer was way too deep because the boat was floating too much. Maybe I should have pulled it out some to expose the padded trailer guides. I looked at some you tube videos on other guys who owned MAKO's and it seemed their trailers were almost out of the water, hmmmmm...! They were driving them on and banging the rubber wheel on the winch pretty hard...

Any suggestions....It was a real pain in the butt!


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