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Many baits are fragile and have to be handled differently.

Lack of O is not the only thing that will kill baits. Foamy or agitated water, sloshing and banging around in the well in rough seas, blasting the bait with high velocity inlets or spray heads.

The most fragile baits I carry are threadfins. They need to be caught with a sabiki to make them last as a cast net is too hard on them. Same for ballyhoo.

I don't fish with menhaden so don't know the specifics on them. A pressurized well with high volume and multiple low velocity inlets to circulate the entire water column is the ideal set up. No dead spots. Also not a fan of the windows or clear lids on wells either. The baits see movement and never settle down and it speeds up the process of wearing their ass out.

I watch the pilchards when I open the lid of my well and they go from chilling out to panic mode the minute they see me moving around. Try to catch that last dozen out of a big well and tell me they ain't trying to run from any movement. Heck, it takes 5 minutes to catch the last one sometimes.
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