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Originally Posted by wamc0206 View Post

i agree with you. Day to day fishing doesnít make a difference on it. Iím regarding transportation for tournament anglers. And as mentioned above getting bait through not so ideal conditions. But that goes back to above for transportation.

I ran a system all last year and while the bait was frisky coming from the O2 well it didnít live longer nor was I able to put more bait in the well Bc of the O2.
The pic is the well on my 21 MA.
A 1100 GPH plus an 800 running in a 40 gallon well with low velocity and multiple inlets and drains. Pilchards require it.

I run both pumps when I first put them in out of the cast net to clear the shit out of their pants just after being caught.
Once they get their affairs in order I run on the single 1100 pump.
I won't lose a tournament if my bait dies, I just won't get paid.