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Originally Posted by 20biminitwist View Post

You provide the same amount of water flow from the same water you caught your bait in to start with.
Raw incoming water with the same o as that bait lives in.

Don't confuse a tank of recirculating water against a bait well designed to provide ample amounts of raw water from the source that the bait you have caught to start with.

A live well is not a closed circuit tank like an aquarium. Done properly, it is supplying the bait with the same water they swim in every day.
O2 works for some instances. I know lots of guys that catch bait, put it in their livewells and pull the boat to go to another area. They do it using O2 to keep the bait alive during the move. Also, if you want to give the bait a charge before using it, it will most definitely frisk them up.

But as to keeping them longer or it being some secret way of keeping more bait alive in a livewell, well all that is false. I've tested that theory all last year and your bait is still prone to it's same morbidity rate without it as well as if you over fill the well.
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