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Originally Posted by JJohnson37 View Post
I’m not sure, but I have always heard and read that warm/hot water, like summer’s “hell, the livewell water retains very little dissolved oxygen resulting in high seasonal live bait and tournament fish mortality.

No disrespect but, what does an “average baitwell” mean to you. What does “above average” or “below average” livewell mean? I am not familiar with any of these terms.

o we all have a real clear understand of what a “livewell” is and is expected to do – Google: “Livewell,wiki” and see what “livewell” really means.

Any time any “livewell” fails to keep all the live bait or fish alive and healthy and they get sick andnd die, the haul box is certainly not a “livewell.” If the box or the fisherman cannot or fails to maintain minimal safe water inside a “livewell” and the bait or fish die, it’s a real torture chamber for dying captive fish, a “death well.”
JJohnson here


You provide the same amount of water flow from the same water you caught your bait in to start with.
Raw incoming water with the same o as that bait lives in.

Don't confuse a tank of recirculating water against a bait well designed to provide ample amounts of raw water from the source that the bait you have caught to start with.

A live well is not a closed circuit tank like an aquarium. Done properly, it is supplying the bait with the same water they swim in every day.