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Here's the first layers of 4108 heavy cloth applied to the hull sponsons and tunnel edge. The hull sides have an additional layer of 1.5oz mat and 2mil Coremat. The Coremat prevents the print-through of the heavy layers.

The top of the tunnel is capped with 4108, which overlaps the sponson glass.
I am so fortunate to have the craftsmen that I have working for me. This team has been working together for a long time, actually first started working for me in early 2000. Even though no one normally sees what's under the deck of a boat, their work is clean and smooth. They truly take pride in the boats they help to build.

More 4108 being applied and a good chance to show the amount of overlap of each layer in the two critical areas of the hull, the bottom of the sponsons and tunnel corners.

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