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Originally Posted by JollyMonNJ View Post
I remember this as well. Not so much any more. I think the last "Sportfisher" I can remember was a 35 Henriques and before that maybe a Viking or Cabo? Alway surprised Viking doesn't strut there stuff a bit more at the AC show due to their proximity. But I guess it's really not their target audience.
The main reason there isn't as many bigger boats in the AC show anymore is there is no way to get them to the convention center anymore. Years ago they were hauled out and trucked through town, now there is no travel lifts left in AC to haul them out of the water. So now anything that comes there has to come from off the island by truck. There was talk at one time about putting a lift well in behind the convention center but since they put the new highway in there that killed that plan.

As far as what show is bigger i'm sure it depends on what you are looking for. AC is a much bigger show with lots more to look at. If you are just bored and want to just check out a few boats then Edison would fill that need. Now if you are serious about looking and possible buying AC would give you more choices.
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