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Originally Posted by HatchieLuvr View Post
I've been watching Zion for a couple of years now. My youngest son is a highschool sr. this year and star of his schools basketball team (6-5 225) and for the last two years I watched Zion play at various AAU tournaments around the country that my son was also playing in. The kid is a FREAK! 6-7 285, built like Bo Jackson, fast as Usain Bolt, can jump like a gazelle and is as quick as the shot from a .357! Most kids aren't all they are hyped up to be, but believe me Zion IS ALL THAT AND MORE!!!

A couple weeks back he hurt some ribs... ON THE BACKBOARD! Dude is from another planet. I've never seen a kid as much of a danger on BOTH SIDES of the ball and from ANYWHERE on court.

I'm not the least bit surprised the Chinese glue didn't hold on those shoes, that's a MAN+++ they are holding back there. Only surprise is it took this long for them to give way!

Question for you, IF this is your kid is he now DONE with college basketball. I figure this kids will make hundreds of millions in NBA. Is it worth a risk now
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