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I've been watching Zion for a couple of years now. My youngest son is a highschool sr. this year and star of his schools basketball team (6-5 225) and for the last two years I watched Zion play at various AAU tournaments around the country that my son was also playing in. The kid is a FREAK! 6-7 285, built like Bo Jackson, fast as Usain Bolt, can jump like a gazelle and is as quick as the shot from a .357! Most kids aren't all they are hyped up to be, but believe me Zion IS ALL THAT AND MORE!!!

A couple weeks back he hurt some ribs... ON THE BACKBOARD! Dude is from another planet. I've never seen a kid as much of a danger on BOTH SIDES of the ball and from ANYWHERE on court.

I'm not the least bit surprised the Chinese glue didn't hold on those shoes, that's a MAN+++ they are holding back there. Only surprise is it took this long for them to give way!
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