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Originally Posted by rcrejzer View Post
I am not 100% on the 219, but my 228 bay does have dedicated scuppers (2) with flaps for the cockpit drain that exit above the manifold's exit. I would imagine all of their models are the same. The manifold system absolutely reduces the amount of through hull penetrations below the water line, and it is a great design, but does not eliminate all of them as some salesmen would have you think. You've got the high speed pick-ups for pumps, drain plug, manifold exit, cockpit exits, bilge pump exit, and fuel vent (I'm sure I'm missing one more).
If that's the case and the cockpit drains have dedicated scuppers that are separate from that manifold, then I definately see the advantage to the manifold design. Close all plumbing by shutting off one seacock. Seems like a good idea.
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