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Originally Posted by hawgstalkers View Post
Thanks, everyone in advance for their input. Besides the obvious, taking the key from the ignition, how does someone protect their boat when tied up to a public dock (i.e. stop for lunch, visit a park, etc.). What stops people from removing the dock line from cleats and stealing / towing a boat behind another boat?
Many threads on boat security if you search

I would not worry too much but on my new yacht I have nest cams and can see everything real time, get alerts when a person is spotted.

I lock the doors when unattended and my k-9 is not on-board

There have actually been past threads about THT'ers experiencing some asshole untying their boat and setting it adrift

I would say a steel cable and lock would be more than enough if you are paranoid, someone is not going to undo a cleat (not that easy if installed correctly!)

There are also many products that can send you an alert if your boat leaves a geofence