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We stopped at Nashville, TN, on the Cumberland River last Sept.. The public dock is in full view of a pedestrian bridge. There are different codes to get on and get off the dock, and these codes are changed periodically. The Fire boat and Police boats, both had chain and cable from their cleats to the dock cleats.

We have done a lot of cruising--both coasts of the US, Caribbean, Med, Baltic, S. Pacific, etc. We secure a vinyl covered cable from an eye bolt thru the transom (head peened over) thru the bow eye, to some part of structure on the dock for our dinghy. Length of the cable is equal to the length of the boat, plus 8 more feet. 10' dinghy--18' cable. (allows other boats to crowd in, and push your boat out. We use the simple bow painter also. In many foreign countries we brought the dinghy aboard, or at least up in davits at night.

We had a brand new inflatable stolen in S. Boston Harbor in 1983. I had not put the eye bolt in yet--and cable just thru the bow eye. Whoever (probably Green Peace) took the inflatable did it from the water, between 5 AM and 6 AM when the wind was blowing about 20 knots. (I was getting up every hour to check the anchor).

We do carry such a cable with our dinghy (and could be used for the larger boat). I have heard of kids casting off lines (or even cutting anchor lines) at public docks (and moorages).

In larger boats, normally we leave the dog in the cabin, doors locked, and take ignition key--also may turn off main battery switch. If someone wants to steal your boat--they will. Center console--just take the key and we have a "key" switch for the battery, which is turned off.
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