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Originally Posted by Parapapam View Post
What can I say.... . Anton Khuhdobin is currently 9th in Save Percentage and 10th in GAA. But you have eyes....

They finished 4th in the league last year and lost in the second round of the playoff (admittedly slightly disappointing) they are currently 6th in the league right now. Is mediocrity when the Partiots lose in the Super Bowl or only when they don't make it to the Super Bowl and lose the AFC Championship Game?

Webester Definition of Mediocre: of moderate or low quality, value, ability or performance. Slow day at work so it is fun to banter with you. But eventually I will get too busy to banter like this and let you hate on....

Rask = 4th highest paid goalie
khudobin = 37th highest paid goalie.

So the bruins are getting 37th paid production out of the 4th highest paid goalie. Like I stated - mediocrity.