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Originally Posted by 4oldcars View Post
Katy, I have a couple of other questions... How is the cap attached to the hull ? Is that price with a trailer ? I saw something on the website about the draining manifold. Is it the same on all models ? Can you give us some details on the 5 year stem to stern warranty. Does Sea Pro Rig them with Mercury motors as well. ? Thanks in advance.
I'm an owner here, so I can chime in a bit and hopefully be useful. I'm currently trying to sell my 208 because I'm happy enough with it to want to upgrade to a 248.

Customer/warranty service is by far the #1 feature I like about this boat. From what I've seen, the warranty document is just a piece of paper, Sea Pro has replaced an item for me that I flat out told them I damaged by misuse. I had a warranty issue when I first got my boat and they picked it up from FL, took it back to the factory, sent me almost daily text messages as to the status of the work, and then shipped it back to FL (even though the warranty doesn't require them to provide transit). I've seen them reach out to a customer who had their electronics stolen while the boat was in storage and offer to fix the damage for them if he brought it back to the factory. Sea Pro monitors an owners Facebook group and provides input on anything you can imagine, usually the same day a question is posted. The other day someone chipped their gel coat and Sea Pro sent them new gel coat at no cost to ensure it will match. I've even seen Sea Pro get in the middle of a customer and electronics manufacture to straighten things out for non covered issues.

Here's what the manifold looks like. Basically you have 3 holes on the boat below or near the water line
1) The bilge/raw pickup underneath the hull
2) The drain that all the compartments go through
3) The plug