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Originally Posted by 25WildBlue View Post
I never really considered the Edison show a real boat show. Maybe now a days itís closer in comparison to ac but I remember Going to the AC show as a kid and it was full of huge boats. Sport fishers and all kinds of boats. Now itís 75% center consoles. Gotta give the market whatís hot I guess. Still plenty of discount tix for ac so Iíd rather go there.
The NYC boat show had some big boys the last time I was there (not Jan 2019).
I'm guessing nowadays folks who are dropping 400K + do their research online and tour the boats by appointment, not at a boat show.
I wonder what the biggest market share is in NJ? 20-29 ft range? under 100K? Definitely a lot of CC's in Edison.
The North Coast 28 seemed Big.
I also heard plenty of "no wood in the boat" in Edison.
The dealers just give the people what they want!

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