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Well I can tell you the strong points of Sea Pro boats;

100% composite , no wood hull with reverse chine and a beautiful Carolina flair that gives Sea Pro it's stable, quiet, and dry ride. As of 2016, The hull is foam filled which absorbs a lot of energy that would normally be absorbed by your body.

All boxes and the deck drain to a single gravity fed manifold, reducing number of holes in the boats hull.

The beam on the Sea Pro boats are usually bigger than competitors, as well as the amount of space in the head/console. You really gotta see it to believe it.

Among other things, as you could hopefully see in the video, the layout is well thought out, as well as the amount of storage space.

Long story short, they are well built, solid running boats. Also, they aren't charging you an arm and a leg for a name brand boat.

Hope that helped! Wrote it up pretty quick.
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