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Originally Posted by willw View Post
We were boating in some new water yesterday (intra costal between Charlotte Harbor to Fort Meyers) and had the auto guidance set for a minimum depth of three feet which is about 18 to 24 inches higher than our boat drafts on plane. We were in a section of the intra costal where it got surprisingly tricky and the channel markers were so far apart that we couldn't see them (lesson learned we will now carry a set of binoculars on the boat).

The auto guidance more or less followed the channel, but veered off and I am sure that is because I had a minimum depth that was lower than the intra costal so the guidance was more of a direct route than following the main channel.

We are soon upgrading to a larger boat. So the question is in situations like this is there a default ( I couldn't find one) to have the auto pilot/Garmin follow a mapped channel such as an intra costal waterway or is the way to do it set a min depth high enough that the plotted route will stick to the channel which should be the deepest water?
To me the idea that you would use Auto guidance in unknown waters, or for that matter in a channel, is shocking. And you don't carry binoculars to assist you in navigation? My suggestion is learn how to be a responsible boater before you buy a bigger boat. If that doesn't work for you sell the boat and take up golf.