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For those that asked to keep this posted, the more progress we make narrowing down the crazier I feel. Sitting down and writing out or talking out what a given weekday/weekend use of the boat looks like starts to change the needs list. Even for the wife.

Were actually whittling away options and leaning leaning back towards a CC. Mostly because our little one is so young, we’re a few years away from his needs really being a factor. As in, if we’re heading “out,” it may be a quality day with the grandparents kind of day. We never intended overnights anyway, so this points towards CC.

That was the wife’s inject. She also brought up that we need to get a boat that I can single hand and fish, because she’s not always going. That makes her strongly suspicious of....a 30 foot express style boat, even though in the long term that may be what we add to the stable.

After all all of this, we may be shifting to a “buy the newest, well equipped, longest time left under warranty boat in the budget, that has the best local market resale” mentality. Partly for her injects, and partly because I’m tired of dealing with junk because I got a good deal.

Thoughts on these ramblings? We’ve kinda come full circle in that we had previously discussed getting a smaller boat that’s easy to just jump in and go - and later buying “the boat” but keeping the smaller guy for ease of use/maintenance/etc.
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